Soil Improver

Revitalise your soil with our Soil Improver

Produced from composted biodegradable materials and containing valuable micro-organisms, our 10mm Soil Improver can be used to improve the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of soil. This is because it naturally corrects any deficiencies in soil structure, enhancing drainage, water and air holding properties, and will promote healthy growth of grass and plants. In addition when used as mulch, our soil improver will help to prevent erosion and weeds.

Our soil improver can be easily incorporated into top soil to improve structure, and is perfect for tree and shrub planting, and herbaceous and bedding borders. Certified by Organic Farmers & Growers under the Evaluation Scheme and accredited to PAS100:2005 – 2011 and the Compost Quality Protocol, our soil improver is safe and reliable.

How much will I need?

Our outstanding multi-purpose Soil Improver is available in 0.73m³ bags, which covers 7.3m² at a depth of 100mm. To find out how many 0.73m³ bags you’ll need, please use our product & price calculator.

How do I order?

To order your Soil Improver and find out about the next available delivery date and delivery cost, please click here or call 01255 830325 to speak to a member of our team. Alternatively, you could read our FAQs and  Lawn Advice sections to find out more information.

Can I buy premium blended loam and fine loam as well?

Yes – in fact, our soil products are designed to complement each other to give your lawn or garden everything it needs. Whether you’re laying a new lawn, planting shrubs or herbaceous borders, or just giving your garden a lift, it’s a great idea to buy topsoil soil improver, fine loam and premium blended loam so that you have all three products to hand. Find out more about our premium blended loam and sandy loam here.