Premium Grade Turf

Beautiful, hard-wearing and easy to maintain turf with good disease resistance.

Border Bark

Great looking and perfect for mulching, our border bark also stifles weeds and helps to retain moisture in soil.


Choose from Sandy Loam, Premium Blended Loam and Soil Improver.

Pro Sports Turf

Tough, fast-recovering turf that’s ideal for sports applications, parks and extra durable gardens.

Grass Seed Mixes

Call us to order from our range of grass seed mixes, including Wild Flower, Amenity, Premium Grade, and Speciality.

Big Roll Turf

Big job? Buy Premium Grade or Pro Sports turf in big rolls of 20m². We can also supply laying equipment.

Turf Suppliers – Premium Quality Turf – Buy Online

Paynes Turf is a family-run, environmentally conscious turf specialist that grows and harvests turf on its farms in Essex and Suffolk. We operate our own fleet of delivery vehicles with forklift unloading. Order online or call 01255 830325

Topsoil Suppliers – Landscaping Supplies – Buy Online

Paynes Turf also supplies a choice range of premium topsoils and landscaping ancillary products, such as soil improver, border bark and grass seed mixes. Simply order online or call 01255 830325


Our standard delivery service is reliable, fast and free! Find out about our turf delivery service for your online order

Turf Laying

Download our free step-by-step turf laying guide, including tips on ground preparation, layout, and watering

Lawn Care

Keep your lawn looking lush, green and in top condition year-round with our month-by-month maintenance guide
How to lay turf in wet weather

How to lay turf in wet weather

How to lay turf in wet weather We know what you’re thinking, why would anyone decide that it is a good idea to lay their turf in wet weather? Sometimes, of course, it is simply unavoidable - this is the UK after all! The good news is that laying turf in wet weather is...

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Earthworm castings

Earthworm castings

Earthworm castings are in abundance on lawns at this time of year. Find out what they are, where they come from and how to deal with them, with expert advice from Essex turf grower and supplier, Paynes Turf. What are earthworm castings? You’ve most likely noticed...

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Laying turf in winter

Laying turf in winter

Laying turf in winter Laying turf in winter is possible; in fact it can offer great benefits. Find out how to, and the advantages of, laying turf in winter with expert advice from Essex turf grower and supplier, Paynes Turf. Advantages The colder temperatures mean...

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Happy Customers
Alison McClean


“Really impressed with Paynes Turf. Friendly delivery driver parked as close as he could to our back gate and even helped to move the turf rolls. Plus he came early morning, leaving all day to lay the turf. Our garden looks so great – visitors always comment that we have a lovely lawn!”
Tom Hawkins, Director of Springbridge


“We’ve worked with Paynes Turf for over 10 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else, using them for thousands of jobs each year. The quality of the turf is excellent, TGA Standard, requires very little maintenance and is virtually indestructible! Furthermore they always deliver on time and straight to the site, which makes a huge difference to us.”