High quality grass seed

Grass seed mixes

Perfect for

  • Domestic and commercial lawns
  • Matching in with turfed areas
  • Over seeding existing lawns
  • Repairing damaged sections

Why it’s great

  • Produces lawns with a thick even texture and rich hue
  • Hardwearing with excellent durability
  • Good disease resistance
  • Economical for use over large areas

Varieties available

  • Amenity grass seed mix
  • Premium Grade grass seed mix
  • Wild Flower seed mixes
  • Speciality grass seed mixes

Want to know more?

Quick to establish and easily managed, our high quality grass seeds are ideal for many applications from domestic lawns through to large landscaping projects.

Amenity Grass Seed Mix

Our Amenity mix is specially formulated with 50% Perennial Rye Grass and 50% Strong Creeping Red Fescue to produce a lush, dense and hardwearing lawn. It’s a great ‘all rounder’ that’s perfect for over seeding existing lawns and repairing damaged sections.

Premium Grade Grass Seed Mix

Unique and superior, our high germination Premium Grade grass seed mix produces durable lawns with a thick even texture and rich hue. It is ideal for matching in with turfed areas and for over seeding our Premium Grade Turf.

Specialty Grass Seed Mixes

If you’re after a grass seed mix that offers particular properties please get in touch. We can create or source specialist grass seed mixes such as wild flower seed, sports mixes, or grass seed that is shade and drought tolerant, for example.

To find out more about our grass seed or to place an order, please call or email us.